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New Website Launched, Colleagues Invited Me to Write a Speech, Thinking about the Entrepreneurial Development Road of Saiwei Electronics, Deeply Moved. Twenty years ago, I went to the United States to study alone. After a few years of cold windows, I finally achieved success in my studies. I obtained a doctorate in electronic engineering from the University of California and worked in the United States with a high salary. Life in the United States is comfortable and prosperous, but there is always a vague feeling lingering in my mind, that is, returning to China to fulfill filial piety and start a business to serve the country. In 2007, I resolutely left the United States and returned to China to start the company's predecessor, Neville Technology. After years of accumulation, the company's professional navigation products have finally achieved industrial application. Noway Technology, which has always adhered to independence and innovation, has finally won its own living space and landed in the capital market in 2015.

With the help of the capital market platform, the company further pursues its dreams, attracts and precipitates talents through incentives, lays out the industrial chain through acquisitions, and introduces strategic investors through financing. In recent years, the company's development has gained and lost, and the road ahead has become more and more clear in the continuous experience. Along the way, thanks to the company's new and old customers and the majority of shareholders support and encouragement. Under the guidance of the party and the government, the company's employees are full of spirit and high morale. They are actively welcoming the era of independence, innovation and creation, and actively embracing the approaching era of Internet of Things and artificial intelligence. I firmly believe that through the unremitting efforts of all staff, Saiwei Electronics will eventually usher in a better tomorrow!