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Selex is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Beijing Sai Microelectronics Co., Ltd. (stock code 300456, hereinafter referred to as "Sai Microelectronics") issued shares in 2015. It is the world's leading MEMS chip manufacturer, focusing on MEMS process development and OEM business for a long time, with superior technical level and process development capability. Selex products have strong realization capabilities and can produce a variety of MEMS sensors such as acceleration sensors, inertial sensors, flow sensors, infrared sensors, optical devices, biological devices, silicon microphones and other MEMS devices, as well as various MEMS basic structure modules. Selex has strong technical strength, has the most advanced through-silicon through-hole insulation process and manufacturing platform in the industry, and has developed more than 60 MEMS core patents, including deep reactive ion etching, which provide key processes for functional wafer-level packaging and 3D integration. At the same time, Selex also has the ability to develop and apply special materials, such as piezoelectric materials, magnetic materials and polymer materials, and has accumulated a lot of experience and know-how and multi-project parallel development capabilities in the continuous practice of providing process development to multiple customers. Selex has a more efficient MEMS custom process development capability, using structured process integration modules to achieve an efficient balance between standardization and flexibility, and can provide MEMS custom process development services while ensuring high product yield to assist customers in mass production of MEMS products. Selex represents the first-class level in the field of MEMS chip manufacturing in the world, and plays a vital role in improving my country's MEMS production capacity and promoting my country's MEMS industrialization process. Saiwei Electronics will rely on Sairex's mature manufacturing technology and production management model to release production capacity, form economies of scale, reduce production costs, and meet the company's huge demand for MEMS products at home and abroad. In addition, Sylex has two wholly-owned subsidiaries. SSA, located in Sweden, provides holding and transfer services for warrants corresponding to options granted to key employees by Selex; SMI, located in the United States, provides marketing and sales services for Selex.

SSA is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sellex in Sweden and does not conduct specific business, but mainly provides services such as holding and transferring warrants corresponding to options granted by Sellex to key employees.

Express Electronics Co., Ltd. is a Hong Kong-based holding platform invested by Northelex International Technology Co., Ltd., which holds a 100 per cent stake in Sweden's Selex (SilexMicrosystemsAB).

SMI is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sellex in the United States, which provides marketing and sales services to Sellex.

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