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The NV-GI1200 miniaturized MEMS tight combination navigation system uses tight coupling technology to provide high-precision, low-power, 120-channel, three-system 6-frequency GNSS receiver output raw carrier phase and......


inertial navigation

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Product Description

NV-GI1200 miniaturized MEMS tight integrated navigation system uses tight coupling technology to closely combine the original carrier phase and pseudo-range output by high-precision, low-power, 120-channel, three-system 6-frequency GNSS receiver with high-precision MEMS inertial measurement unit, which has the characteristics of small size, light weight, excellent performance and relatively low price.

NV-GI1200 can provide fixed attitude information such as horizontal attitude and heading, positioning information such as longitude, latitude and altitude, and inertial measurement information such as three-dimensional acceleration and angular velocity. It can be widely used in unmanned aerial vehicles, vehicle navigation, aviation and platform stability control and other fields.

Product Features

, High Sampling Frequency, High Bandwidth, Small Volume, Light Weight

, Full Temperature Compensation, Unique Calibration Technology and Method

, Inertial Aided Satellite Navigation Re-Acquisition Technology

, Dual Antenna Combination Function, Single Antenna, to achieve a single antenna combination function, not connected to the antenna can be realistic VG function;

MEMS gyro zero bias stability ≤ 10/h

attitude accuracy is better than 0.08

heading accuracy is better than 0.1

output protocol, interface definition and shape can be changed according to requirements

application range

unmanned aerial vehicle

, aerial surveying and mapping

, photoelectric detection stability

, urban surveying and mapping

, vehicle-mounted satellite antenna

, construction machinery control

, missile-borne navigation

, ship-borne antenna

, platform stability

· unmanned boat

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