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USC-AD320 dual-channel vehicle-mounted wireless self-organizing network radio is an innovatively designed large-service capacity self-organizing network solution, which expands a frequency dimension and can effectively improve the network performance after multi-hop transmission......


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Product Description

USC-AD320 dual-channel vehicle-mounted wireless ad hoc network radio station is an innovatively designed ad hoc network solution with large service capacity, which expands a frequency dimension, can effectively improve the network performance after multi-hop transmission, does not decrease the bandwidth after multi-hop transmission, shortens the forwarding delay, and can well meet the needs of professional users.

USC-AD320 adopts dual U-band and OFDM modulation mode, which has good diffraction ability and anti-multipath fading ability. At the same time, dual-band transmission is backup to each other and has certain anti-interference performance.

adopts vehicle-mounted high-gain antenna, with wide coverage and mobility support capability exceeding 120 km/h.

can expand GPS/Beidou communication module to meet the needs of user positioning.

is used for vehicle-mounted mobile deployment. It can be equipped with high-power power amplifiers and high-gain antennas. It has the characteristics of flexibility, long communication distance, wide coverage, etc. It can quickly form a multi-node (less than 32) self-organizing and self-healing mesh network. The radio station is equipped with a standard WIFI module, which can easily provide access to WIFI terminals within a certain range. All stations in the

network work at the same two frequency points, with bandwidth of 5/10/20MHz optional, single-hop short-range maximum data rate of 40Mbps, and two-hop data rate does not drop. Adaptive coding and modulation technology can automatically adjust the rate file according to the signal strength and select the best modulation mode for service transmission.