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The company's MEMS process development business refers to the development of product manufacturing processes based on the chip design solutions provided by customers, with the goal of meeting product performance, achieving product "producibility" and balancing economic benefits, using process technology reserves and project development experience, to provide customers with customized product manufacturing processes. The company's MEMS wafer manufacturing business refers to the completion of MEMS chip process development, product design curing, production process curing, to provide customers with batch wafer manufacturing services. MEMS refers to a micron-to-millimeter-sized micro-device or system constructed by semiconductor production technology, which integrates micro-sensors, signal processing and control circuits, micro-actuators, communication interfaces, power supplies and other components. MEMS organically combines electronic systems with the surrounding environment. Micro-sensors receive signals such as motion, light, heat, sound and magnetism, and the signals are then converted into electrical signals that the electronic system can identify and process, some MEMS devices can realize the operation function of the external medium through the micro actuator. The company can manufacture a variety of sensors such as flow, infrared, acceleration, pressure, inertia, microfluidics, micro-ultrasound, micro-mirror, optical switch, high-performance gyroscope, silicon microphone, radio frequency and other devices, as well as various MEMS basic structure modules. The terminal applications of MEMS wafer products of the company cover the fields of communication, biomedicine, industry and science, consumer electronics, etc. Business model: Based on mature and commercially operated MEMS production lines, based on professional technology and production teams, core patented technology, core process equipment, and more than ten years of experience in more than 400 process development projects, process development income is obtained by developing and determining the process and manufacturing process of specific MEMS chips for customers, and contract production income is obtained by mass manufacturing MEMS wafers for customers. Industry position: The company's wholly-owned subsidiary, Sweden Silex, is the world's leading pure MEMS foundry enterprise, serving the world's leading manufacturers in various fields, and the company is promoting the construction of "8-inch MEMS international foundry line construction project" in Beijing, is expected to continue to maintain the global leading position of pure MEMS foundry. According to the statistics YoleDevelopment by the world's authoritative semiconductor market research institution, Silex has been ranked in the top five in the global MEMS foundry revenue ranking since 2012, and ranked second in the pure foundry field. It has been competing with stmicroelectronics (STMicroelectronics), TELEDYNEDALSA, TSMC (TSMC), Sony (SONY) and other manufacturers, and has been in the first echelon of global MEMS wafer foundry for a long time.

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